Gotcha Mobility’s Q1 Growth Provides Solid Foundation for 2020

gotcha mobility trike parked next to curb

Gotcha Mobility, LLC (“Gotcha“), a subsidiary of Last Mile Holdings Ltd. (“MILE“) (TSXV: MILE; OTC: AZNVF), announced today its first quarter results. The company officially merged with Last Mile Holdings Ltd., making it one of the largest micro-mobility companies in the United States. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Gotcha developed a new extension of its business offering its […]

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Ceaseless Decline in Velocity of Money Must Concern Fed

velocity of money continues to decline

The Federal Reserve, anemic growth, and an aging population are causing the velocity of money in the United States to crater. While many believe trillions in stimulus will cause inflation, low-interest rates are providing little incentive for banks to lend when the return on their loans is low. The bottom line is that people are […]

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Startup Layoffs Soar as Worldwide Lockdown Continues

man laid off carrying boxes

Startup layoffs in the United States and Canada are increasing as economic pressures from Covid-19 continue to mount. According to CNBC, “. . .more than 3,800 people spanning more than 40 [startups] operating in sectors including hospitality, transportation, meal delivery and artificial intelligence [were laid off in March]. [These startups] are headquartered across the country, […]

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Record Stimulus and Deficits to Drive Gold in 2020

No asset influences the global markets more than the U.S. dollar, the world reserve currency. It’s held this hegemonic status for decades, dominating global commerce while serving as a constant reminder of America’s unparalleled economic, military, and political strength. Now, it appears that the only way to save the U.S. economy is by crushing the […]

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Member ‘Brent Cranwell’ Leads in April 2020 Stock Challenge

Week 1 of the April 2020 Stock Challenge

The April 2020 Stock Challenge has begun, and so far it’s off to a much better start than March; 122 of 219 Stock Challengers are currently in the green as opposed to 15 by last month’s end! Member ‘Brent Cranwill,’ who doubled down on Sona Nanotech Tech Inc. this month, is currently leading in first […]

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Why Central Banks Will Give Money Directly to Spenders

central banks

In an almost frightening foreshadowing of the future, Ray Dalio outlines in 2016 how central banks will deliver stimulus in the future. Dalio contends that central banks will get so desperate they will give money away. With upwards of $6 trillion committed from the U.S. government and the Fed, this has now become a reality. […]

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African Gold Group Announces Significant High-Grade Gold at Kobada Project, Including 2.14g/T Gold Over 16 Meters and Other Corporate Updates

Miners viewing African Gold Group's Kobada Gold Project

African Gold Group, Inc. (TSX-V: AGG) (“AGG” or the “Company”) is pleased to report new drill results from the Company’s Kobada Gold Project located in southern Mali, including additional high-grade intersections in the northern extension of the main shear zone. The Kobada Gold Project is fully licensed and is progressing towards completion of the definitive […]

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Jobless Claims Spike | 6,648,000 Million File for Unemployment

jobless claims surge to nearly 10 million

The more than 3000% increase in jobless claims in the United States has Mike Maloney concerned. Mike is worried about deficit spending in the U.S., noting all of these unemployed people are no longer paying income taxes. “Nothing in human history has ever happened like this.” – Mike Maloney Jobless Claims Explod to Over 6.6 […]

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Premiums on Silver Eagles Jump Almost $8 | Selling for $21.86 per Ounce

silver eagles are flying off the shelves at record premiums

Just an hour ago I was quoted $21.86 to buy one ounce Silver Eagle coins – a near $8 premium! People are scrambling to buy what gold and silver is available as central banks unleash trillions in new currency to stave off a depression. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are back to discuss the end […]

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Member ‘Scoby13’ Wins March 2020 Stock Challenge

scoby13 is the march 2020 stock challenge champion

At last, one of the most volatile contests in Stock Challenge history has come to an end… While it was a close battle between members ‘Scoby13’ and ‘Joe Knows’, Scoby13 managed to power through and finish in first place with a return of 89.15%! Well done Scoby13; few Stock Challengers managed to achieve returns of […]

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