Top 50 Still in the Green

Focus Energy outperforms thus far in June

Somehow, despite crashing valuations across the board, excluding the energy sector, many Pinnacle Stock Challengers are thriving… Almost unbelievable, the Top 50 in Pinnacle’s Stock Challenge for June are showing positive returns thus far. Despite being one of the worst environments for stocks in decades, ‘Wes Tanchak’ is in 50th, up 0.32%, while our leader […]

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Consumer Sentiment Falls to Record Low – Signals U.S. Recession

consumer sentiment crashes to all-time low

U.S. consumer sentiment recently hit all-time lows –before the recent market crash in stocks and crypto. While widespread and a few days old, the significance of this data cannot be understated. It guarantees that the U.S. is in a recession and a complete disaster for the Democrats in the coming mid-term elections. The University of […]

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Deflation, anybody?

A disturbing deflationary force is starting to boil, ironically right in the face of rising inflation worldwide… Population decline or dropping birth rates has become a global phenomenon. Fewer workers, fewer immigrants, and far less tax revenue will present a new set of challenges for the 21st century. For investors, adapting to the changing demographics […]

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America’s Saving Rate Points to Recession

Is the American economy weakening or already in recession? Or is the inflation squeeze leaving consumers with little left to save? We know that is true, but it is only part of the story. With the nation’s savings rate crashing to 2008 lows, households may not be saving much because they already have a cushion […]

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May’s Stock Challenge Concludes With First-Time Winner

It’s the end of the month, and the time has come to crown our new champion! Off an incredible run from NASDAQ-traded IMTE (Integrated Media Technology Ltd), veteran player ‘lindi’ finishes the month in top spot with a 60.64% average return. Congratulations lindi! Not bad for a first time finish in the top ten! ‘quantumx’ […]

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TSX Venture Update: Trading Volumes Hit Record Lows

TSX Venture liquidity dries up

The TSX Venture has averaged about 27 million shares traded per day in the past ten trading days. However, on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, trading volumes fell to less than 20 million total shares traded, according to TMX data. To my knowledge, 15.8 million shares traded on May 25th is the lowest volume […]

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Small and Micro-Cap Stocks Get Crushed – Now What?

Canada's small and micro-cap stocks fall

Aaron Hoddinott and Alexander Smith of Pinnacle Digest talk about the brutal week for the TSX Venture and small and micro-cap stocks. They also delve into the current challenges of investing in this inflationary environment and what to look for in public company filings. All statements in this video are to be checked and verified […]

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Former NFL Player’s New Plant-Based Venture

PlantFuel products

Good consumer product ideas are plentiful in the startup world; but a good idea isn’t enough on its own. Successful startups are usually products of clinical execution, continual innovation, and management’s ability to deliver in a timely fashion. Introducing PlantFuel Life Inc. (FUEL: CSE) PlantFuel Life Inc.’s (“PlantFuel” or the “Company”) leadership team brings more […]

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Four Factors Pointing To US Recession

many signs are now pointing to a US recession

Global markets are breaking under the immense weight of uncertainty, slowing growth, and runaway inflation. While the central banks may destroy the latter as interest rates rise in most developed countries, it will come at a high cost. After contracting by 1.4% in Q1, a U.S. recession may already be here. Below I outline four […]

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