Food Crisis?

The war in Ukraine has triggered a variety of global crises. Millions fleeing the war-torn country has unleashed a humanitarian crisis upon many nations, particularly for Ukraine’s neighbouring countries. Sanctions on Russia (the world’s second-largest oil producer) and her resources have exacerbated the global energy crisis. And, in the last couple of weeks, the latest […]

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Can the Fed Really Raise Rates?

Inflation was the inevitable end… Anyone with an appreciation for history knew it. Trillions of dollars in deficit spending will never be paid back in real terms. And, while the Fed grapples with slaying the inflation dragon at all costs, we can’t help but wonder: who will pay the price? Could the largest benefactor of […]

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A Record Breaking Month for Stock Challenge

There’s really no other way to put it. The markets have been ruthless this April; the numbers don’t lie. But first, the most important number of the month: The #1 player for April 2022… Selecting two index tracking ETFs, member ‘beata3550’ claimed top spot in April’s contest with a 40.68% return! beata3550’s bold bet on […]

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Outlook On Small and Micro-Cap Stocks in North America | Pinnacle Digest PODCAST

growth stocks under pressure on TSX Venture

Industry veterans Aaron Hoddinott and Alexander Smith of Pinnacle Digest talk about the current state of the TSX Venture, CSE, Russell 2000, and growth stocks in general. With these indices in technical bear markets, the guys give their take on where they think equities may be headed. Speculators at heart, Aaron and Alex share some […]

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Nowhere to Hide, Venture Drops 8% in 5 Days

recession fears surge as bear market takes hold

The TSX Venture is now firmly in bear market territory and may be teetering on the edge of a larger collapse. Canada’s junior exchange is now down just over 24% from its high of 1,018 in November 2021. The NASDAQ and Russell 2000 are also in bear markets as U.S. indices continue to falter. The […]

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Bridging the Gap in Crypto

FRNT Financial comes to trade

Newly listed FRNT Financial (FRNT: TSXV), which is featured below, aims to provide institutional investors exposure to cryptocurrencies.    The cryptocurrency market continues to experience volatility, but it’s here to stay. Combined, the global crypto market is worth roughly US$2 trillion. Only a decade ago, crypto represented a niche market for daring speculators. Since then, […]

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Stock Selections Posting Mediocre Returns

The first two weeks of April have elapsed and here’s what we’re seeing… First off, the Stock Challenge Index (SCI) has spent most of the last couple of weeks in negative territory. The index came up for a short-lived breather only to be dragged back down following hints from US policymakers that tougher measures from […]

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Double-Digit Inflation Arrives?

runaway inflation may have finally arrived

Tomorrow the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the CPI or consumer price index for March. Buckle up. It is going to be a doozy. While top forecasters predict it will top February’s 7.9% inflation print (a 40-year high) – I think it may touch double digits, but will be above 9%. Here is why. […]

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“Still in a Disinflationary World” – Raoul Pal

Recession flashing in 2022 as the Fed tightens

On April 1st, Maggie Lake asks Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal what his macro thesis is.  His response may surprise: “Interest rate rises are self-limiting because everybody’s too indebted and the aging population and that trend of bond yield, I call that the chart of truth, where bond yields go down over time, […]

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