Remembering our Friend, Gary Freeman

Gary Freeman will be remembered for his astute business acumen and ...

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A Serious Threat to Weed Stock Values

Canada's marijuana market nears recreational ...

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crypto stocks tank

HIVE Bloodbath Rocks TSX Venture

Crypto stocks crash as Bitcoin continues ...

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Peekaboo Beans Announces Year over Year Increase in Monthly Sales

Peekaboo Beans Announces Year over Year Increase in Monthly Sales

Peekaboo Beans reports 108% year over year increase in monthly ...

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Marijuana dominates TSX Venture Stocks

Top 10 TSX Venture Stocks by Market Cap | January 2018

Marijuana stocks now dominate market cap on the TSX ...

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TSX Venture Breaks 900 | First Time Since 2014

TSX Venture tops 900 for the first time since September ...

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Three Continents in Ten Days

Globe trotting for investment opportunities and research in ...

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It’s Time to Buy the TSX Venture

The TSX Venture is poised for yet another seasonal ...

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In October of 2017, Alexander Smith and the Pinnacle crew flew to Thunder Bay, before traveling northeast to Marathon, Ontario. The purpose of the trip was to learn more about our client and featured company’s — Canadian Orebodies (CORE :TSXV) — project and the mining environment of the region.

As you may know, Marathon Ontario is known for being home to Hemlo – one of Canada’s most prolific gold discoveries. Gordon McKinnon, President and CEO of Canadian Orebodies, is the son of the late Don McKinnon – a mining legend in Canada. Don McKinnon is credited, along with his partner, for making the Hemlo discovery decades ago.

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