Iran vs the US Dollar: US Dollar Policies in the Land of the National Iranian Oil Company

In this article Martin Katusa, a guest writer for Casey Research explains how US Dollar dominance might not be coming to an end anytime soon, but is being stepped over, most notably by Iran.

Countries such as China and Russia have made headlines in recent years as they've attempted to operate outside the influence of the world reserve currency. The Yuan or Ruble have yet to gain much international notoriety, but traction for the Yuan in particular is building.

He examines how the USD, being the world reserve currency has added tremendous value to the dollar over the years. An emerging global economy with one global currency had a dramatic impact on demand for the US dollar. This demand allowed the federal government to borrow and spend to no end.

Many countries in the past decade, most notably China, Russia and Iran have expressed dismay at the current domination of the US Dollar. These countries have worked to stabilize their markets with out complete use of the USD. Martin explains Iran's current battle in detail.

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