Is PJX Resources PJX TSX.V the next SULLIVAN???

With the huge land expansion less tha 30 km. from the famous Sullivan mine that paid off HUGE, I am betting that PJX management is considering the odds as being pretty good for finding the next Sullivan.The Sullivan was the best there was but possibly not the best there ever will be. I love the management style of this company. They watch their pennies and so far have negotiated some spectacular deals at pennies on the dollar  to obtain some valuable ground in a mine friendly environment and I am talking political,environmental,good infrastructure and the weather friendly Cranbrook/Kimberley area of British Columbia, where contract workers can go home for lunch or use the McDonald's Drive Through.And I use the word CONTRACT WORKERS as PJX keeps their costs down with the CEO and the CFO comprising the entire payroll and everything else is contracted out. That's my kind of Management. Reading between the lines in the latest release, although the Dewdney Trail is stated as the main focus, methinks it is actually the VINE, where a ton of money was spent by previous operators and all the core samples are still on the site. It already has a decent resource although non compliant by today's standards. The property was optioned 50/50 from Klondike Gold who have been searching the Yukon for a Sullivan deposit when chances are it is sitting under their nose 30 km. from the old Sullivan, and they just gave half of it away.. The result is that PJX  just increased their stake from 640 hectares to 6300 hectares at very favourable terms.For disclosure purposes, I have a sizable position in PJX and the opinions expressed here are my own.

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Re: Is PJX Resources PJX TSX.V the next SULLIVAN???

No not the Vine,not the Zinger not the Dewdney.All great targets but my guess about a potential SULLIVAN deposit appears more likely to be the EDDY. I am not selling one share of my holdings and obviously no one else is either judging from the lack of trading. Gold is down today and this one is holding and it is very difficult to try to take a big position at this level.,or I should say IMPOSSIBLE.

Re: Is PJX Resources PJX TSX.V the next SULLIVAN???

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