Tour of Aphria Marijuana Facility with Vic Neufeld, Former Chairman of Scythian Biosciences

In our latest exclusive interview, Alexander Smith travels to Leamington, Ontario to visit Aphria’s marijuana growing operations. Aphria’s President and CEO, Vic Neufeld, walks us through his relationship with our featured marijuana company and client, Scythian Biosciences (SCYB: TSXV) (SCCYF: NASDAQ).

Scythian Expands Global Footprint in Marijuana Sector

Scythian is expanding its global footprint in the marijuana sector by advancing science and moving strategic relationships in foreign countries forward. Hence, the company has recently signed binding or non-binding LOI’s in three countries (see Scythian’s website for further details): Argentina, Colombia and Jamaica.

On April 18th, 2018, Scythian (SCYB: TSXV) announced Argentina-based ABP S.A.’s first purchase order with Aphria. The order is to supply a world renowned Pediatric Hospital for Research and Education. According to the company,

“ABP’s first order will go to the Dr. Juan P. Garrahan Pediatric Hospital (the “Hospital”), a highly recognized and one of the most credible medical institutions in South America, to support a first of its kind clinical study focused on treating refractory epilepsy in children.”

Click here to read the full release.

On April 25th, Scythian Biosciences announced the appointment of European Cannabis Leader Rob Reid as its new CEO. According to Scythian, Mr. Reid is a leading business figure in Europe’s legal cannabis industry. He is co-founder of Cannabis Europa, a conference series that focuses on the science and policy required to shape Europe’s future medical cannabis industry.

Our Exclusive Interview Reveals How Scythian Plans to leverage Canadian Marijuana-Related Expertise Abroad

Aphria is Scythian’s largest strategic investor (owning approximately 9.9% of the outstanding shares); and, with an Aphria supply agreement already initiated with ABP in Argentina, Scythian has achieved much in a relatively short period. We will be watching the relationship between Scythian and Aphria closely; and, as Vic Neufeld stated in an April 25th press release, a reason for him stepping down as Chairman of Scythian was “to ensure best arms-length compliance as part of an expanding partnership…”