All This From a Gold Miner in 10 Months

Calibre Mining Hits Goals in 2020

In our January 19th, 2020 Letter, we introduced our client Calibre Mining (CXB: TSX), stating at the time that it was “the most fundamentally sound junior gold company we [had] ever introduced.” We went on to explain that Calibre Mining was a “multi-asset gold producer [in Nicaragua] with exploration upside potential and a first-class team.” […]

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Member ‘Brent Cranwill’ Maintains Lead in April 2020 Stock Challenge

Week 2 of the April 2020 Stock Challenge

This week in Stock Challenge, member ‘Brent Cranwill’ managed to maintain his first place lead with a return of 97.47%! However, there’s been a bit of a shakeup with his competitors; member ‘firefly’ (68.00% return) has moved up from third place into second while member ‘gotanger’ (60.10% return) has swung into third place. Despite his […]

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Member ‘Brent Cranwell’ Leads in April 2020 Stock Challenge

Week 1 of the April 2020 Stock Challenge

The April 2020 Stock Challenge has begun, and so far it’s off to a much better start than March; 122 of 219 Stock Challengers are currently in the green as opposed to 15 by last month’s end! Member ‘Brent Cranwill,’ who doubled down on Sona Nanotech Tech Inc. this month, is currently leading in first […]

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