Member ‘Terry Bramhall’ Wins August 2020 Stock Challenge

terry bramhall

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new Stock Challenge Champion in our midst: member ‘Terry Bramhall!’ Terry Bramhall – a veteran Stock Challenger – capitalized on his pick of Cloudmd Software & Services to claim first place this month (70.27% return). Hot on his tail were two newcomers to Stock Challenge – members ‘BrianReingold’ (60.36% return) […]

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Member ‘bob parker’ Pulls Ahead in August 2020 Stock Challenge

Cover for Week 2 of the August 2020 Stock Challenge

This month’s contest is night and day compared to July so far… While numerous contestants had achieved triple-digit returns at this point in last month’s contest, the same cannot be said for August. Member ‘bob parker’ is currently in first place with a return of 44.21%, followed by member ‘avispa’ in second with a return […]

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