Gates Was Buying When Many Panicked in Q3 2022

Gates' Portfolio Grew in Q3 2022

Bill Gates’ five most significant buys of 2022, according to Cooper Academy’s latest video might surprise you. However you feel about the market, inflation, and debt, to ignore the actions of one of the world’s great business minds would be folly. The names that make up Gates’ portfolio should never be overlooked. Gates’ Portfolio Takes […]

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Buffett on Inflation: Consumers Willing to Pay, For Now

Warren Buffett on inflation threats

Inflation threats are here and are now permeating almost every aspect of a consumer’s purchasing life. From lumber to steel and carpets, everything is rising in price. Earlier this month, the great Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger spoke at the 2021 annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. MHFIN did us the favor of hand-picking some key […]

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