Why Less Babies is Becoming a BIG Problem

The global mental health crisis and the rising cost of living are at the heart of declining birth rates globally. As birth rates tumble worldwide, I see two constants responsible: mental illness and unaffordability. Whether you live in Mumbai, India, or Mississauga, Ontario, these two afflictions are present and worsening yearly. What investors need to […]

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Ghana Chooses Gold, Not Dollars in Fight to Survive

Ghana wants to use its gold to pay for oil and other essentials the country needs to function. And it is hard to blame them. However, by converting the Ghanaian Cedi‘s local currency into U.S. Dollars and then buying what they need, the country’s foreign currency reserves are being depleted. Furthermore, U.S. dollar strength or […]

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Canada Has Too Many Puppies and Not Enough Babies

global birth rate continues to fall

As the global birth rate plunges lower, many in the West, particularly North Americans, are opting for friendly canines to fill the void… While no one factor is responsible for the dramatic decline in births and increase in pet ownership, Alex and Aaron believe they know some of the key drivers behind this dangerous phenomenon. […]

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