The Hedge of Tomorrow

Protection against market turmoil

Mitigating investment risk is a common practice amongst institutional and sophisticated investors globally. To better position themselves in the event of a financial crisis, black swan event, or just a basic correction, investors seek ways to diversify and hedge their investment portfolios. For years, flocking to gold and other precious metals has succeeded in shielding […]

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Stock Challenger’s Continue To Feel The Heat In August

August's mid-month recap

We have reached the halfway point of August’s Stock Challenge! Following July’s harsh month for Challengers, contestants remain treading in rough water — approximately 74% of contestants find themselves sitting in negative territory! As the Stock Challenge Index (SCI) currently rests around -6%, August is proving to be another tough month for contestants… Take a […]

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Bitcoin May Be Greener Than You Think

Green Bitcoin Mining

Since breaking out back in 2017, Bitcoin has risen in popularity amongst speculators and institutions globally. However, amidst all the hype, underlying dangers continue to threaten Bitcoin’s future viability… the leading cryptocurrency must continue to focus on Government acceptance and sustainability issues around its energy sources as it relates to green Bitcoin mining. While threats […]

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Bitcoin Showing Signs of Slowing Down

Last week was a pivotal moment for crypto investors as fears of a looming bear market continue to grow. Sunday saw the lowest bitcoin trading volume in close to three years, and overall cryptocurrency fund inflows dropped ~60% last week alone. So what has seemingly turned the tide on crypto fortunes? An article from BNN […]

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Charlie Munger on Today’s Market

Charlie Munger on the keys to successful investing and today's market

The NASDAQ fell below its 50-day moving average Tuesday, as the TSX Venture traded down a whopping 5% in early trading. From Bitcoin to silver, most stocks and commodities fell Tuesday. While days like today (sharp sell-offs) are standard and necessary during a bull market, some fear we may be nearing the end of the […]

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Have We Finally Hit Peak Liquidity?

The behavioural and psychological changes spurred by Covid-19 are behind the increased liquidity and once unimaginable valuations on North American stock exchanges. Market sentiment is now at the highest levels ever due to a combination of factors. In this report, we’ll explain four reasons why the pandemic, and retail investors at large, are responsible for […]

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Stock Challengers Start New Year With a Bang

January 2021 Mid-Month Update Cover

We are officially at the half-way point for this month’s Stock Challenge… 420 of the 596 Stock Challengers in January’s contest are in positive territory. Judging from the Top 10 standings so far, cryptocurrency companies appear to be this contest’s kingmakers. This is hardly surprising, given that the price of Bitcoin has soared nearly 30% […]

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Once Called a Joke and Even a Scam

mysterious man buying bitcoin

After years of being overlooked (and in some cases, even mocked), Bitcoin finally appears to be finding its place in the financial world. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency hit a new all-time high around US$19,892 this Monday (nearly 3 years since its last peak), leading many in the financial community to re-examine Bitcoin and its […]

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Is Gold Heading to $10,000 Before We Win WWIII?

negative real interest rates are driving gold prices

Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors, is predicting gold’s rally has just begun. He warns investors that between the Fed and U.S. government, $10 trillion in spending is about to push gold to record high prices. Holmes compares the current pandemic to World War III, but muses negative real interest rates will push gold […]

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TSX Venture Implodes – Falls 6% in Two Days

tsx venture and cse crash

The TSX Venture is in free fall as investors move to cash, and the coronavirus spreads. The risk trade is off until a massive new stimulus bill passes or the coronavirus appears to be contained. Even a new stimulus package may not have the desired effect. Not to bet against the Fed or any central […]

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