TSX Venture Update: Trading Volumes Hit Record Lows

TSX Venture liquidity dries up

The TSX Venture has averaged about 27 million shares traded per day in the past ten trading days. However, on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, trading volumes fell to less than 20 million total shares traded, according to TMX data. To my knowledge, 15.8 million shares traded on May 25th is the lowest volume […]

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Market Collapses in November but Stock Challenge Champ Unfazed

We’ve arrived at the end of this month’s contest! Please give it up for member ‘Rodney Gibson’! Capitalizing on junior exploration company, Goff Corp’s, explosive run in the last week of the month, ‘Rodney Gibson’ blasted through the ranks and closed the month in top spot with an average yield of approximately 117.26% — almost […]

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Venture Momentum Continues

Only two weeks into the month and already a few tidbits of intel for the curious investor… The first and most evident takeaway is Lithium. Two of the top three leaders thus far have a lithium stock as one of their two picks. And, all but one of the handful of lithium stocks selected this […]

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Financings Collapse on TSX Venture – $699 Million Raised in September

financings decline on TSX Venture in September

After averaging more than $1 billion per month in total financings raised for all of 2021, financing activity on the TSX Venture finally collapsed. September 2021 saw total financings decline from just over $1 billion in August to $699 million – the lowest in 2021 thus far. Total financings raised through the year on the […]

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Is a Rebound on the Horizon for Canada’s Cannabis Sector?

Cannabis stocks

Legalization and social acceptance have been critical to the performance of the cannabis market. Over the last five years, the Canadian Marijuana Index (CMI) has enjoyed great bull markets, followed by some devastating bear markets. From a 52-week high of 559.70 in February, the CMI dropped to its current level of approximately 170 points. The […]

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TSX Venture Valuations Top $100 Billion – Up 99% YoY from 2020

Valuations on TSX Venture top $100 billion

While the summer doldrums have market liquidity moving lower, investors are still writing checks. Total financings raised on the TSX Venture in June managed to eclipse $1 billion bucking May’s decline. Significant as a sentiment gauge, this keeps the average monthly total of financings raised above $1 billion for the year. So far, in 2021, […]

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Tidal Wave of Investment Dollars Hit TSX Venture

The TSX Venture is enjoying historic capital inflows by way of private placements or financing activity. While the bloom of January highs has come off, the TSX Venture rose as it were, the amount of money flowing into small and micro-cap stocks is genuinely astonishing. According to the TMX, total financings in March of 2021 […]

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Speculative Buying Frenzy Hits TSX Venture

The TSX Venture is enjoying a speculative buying frenzy across multiple markets. I haven’t seen this level of speculation on the Venture in a long time. And I can’t remember ever seeing it across so many sectors. From health and wellness to gaming, psychedelics, and even cannabis and gold – speculators are bidding up TSX […]

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