Mexico and the Global Lithium Race

Mexico moves to position itself in global lithium race

On a recent trip to Mexico City, Aaron and Alex found a rooftop patio to chat about South America’s growing role in the lithium supply chain. With billions flowing into the sector, lithium remains one of the most liquid and fast-moving industries within mining. Nations from Canada to the U.S. and Europe will soon require […]

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Global Copper Demand to Skyrocket… World Not Prepared

copper supply deficits

Aaron and Alex discuss why they believe global copper supply will likely fall drastically short of demand in the future. The rise of electric vehicles, renewable energy technologies, and numerous infrastructure plans worldwide are all expected to increase copper demand dramatically. And with the long lead time to bring on new copper mines, supply seems […]

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A Bet on Humanity

copper mines are in short supply

March 2020… The world was descending into a chaotic fear. Markets were crashing, portfolios were in temporary ruin, and financiers had a firm grip on their wallets. I was in Toronto for the PDAC Conference, the biggest mining industry gathering on the planet, and the mood was somber. The countless dejected faces of promoters, mineral […]

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Socialists’ Grip on the Copper Industry

Investors often lose money when they are blindsided by unanticipated trends. When all that is apparent is blue sky and massive profits, something usually goes wrong. For mining investors and producers, this juggernaut is, more often than not, resource nationalism. With the price of copper holding steady near record highs in 2021, blue sky sentiment […]

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Prepare to Profit from Resource Nationalism

Sometimes an investor’s biggest wins are the deals they pass on. For those who’ve fallen victim to resource nationalism, they need no reminding. The location of an asset and its political environment, far outweigh the grade and potential profit any one project can hope to provide. As resource nationalism heats up in central and south […]

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Can Copper Maintain Momentum in 2021?

copper sector comes into bloom

Copper is flirting with an 8-year high after putting together one of its best years in a long time. Copper prices fell below that high of $3.70 per pound to about $3.60 towards the end of trading Friday. Many base metals are rising because of the ongoing inflationary boom and the promise of trillions in […]

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