Why the Fed Can’t Stop Covid-19 & Economic Fallout

federal debt is about to explode

As soon as I saw the ticker tape, I knew it wouldn’t last. Dow and other U.S. index futures were down 5% Sunday, before yet another emergency Fed meeting. While the intial headlines reversed sentiment and saw exchanges up 1-2% before the open, the relief rally failed. All indices are now in the red, down […]

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Member ‘Makito’ Takes Back First Place in March 2020 Stock Challenge

Cover photo for Week 1 of the March 2020 Stock Challenge

After a tumultuous end to February, Stock Challenge is back! Member ‘Makito’ has once again swung into first place with a return of 50.48% thanks to a breakout in Canada Carbon, while members ‘rvandel’ (who also picked Canada Carbon) and ‘Jimpro63’ sit in second and third place with returns of 42.40% and 40.51%, respectively. Despite […]

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How Can the TSX Venture Recover?

selloff on the tsx venture

This past week has been a bloodbath for investors – especially when it comes to Canadian junior exchanges like the TSX Venture. With fears over the economic impact of coronavirus rising, the TSX Venture is experiencing historic capitulation, having fallen from 582.55 on February 21 to as low as 479.09 before closing at 495 on […]

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