Double-Digit Inflation Arrives?

runaway inflation may have finally arrived

Tomorrow the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the CPI or consumer price index for March. Buckle up. It is going to be a doozy. While top forecasters predict it will top February’s 7.9% inflation print (a 40-year high) – I think it may touch double digits, but will be above 9%. Here is why. […]

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Can Cannabis or Gold Save Canada’s Junior Stock Market in September?

inflation data despite staying elevated is hurting gold

The total volume of shares traded and financing activity on the TSX Venture recorded a steep decline month over month in July 2021. While par for the course in July, many wonder what will bring liquidity back to the table in September. With gold battered on the backs of weak, albeit still 13-year high inflation […]

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Inflation Still Running Hot in Canada Above 3%

Inflation in Canada is continuing to run hot, despite falling from a 10-year high in May. The annual inflation rate came in at 3.1% in June, down from May’s blistering rise of 3.6%. Investors and consumers alike need to remember that rising inflation may be the greatest threat facing our economy. Gold was heating up […]

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