Bitcoin to Hit $2 Million Within 5 Years?

Lawrence Lepard believes Bitcoin is heading to $2 million

Gold is back above $1,800, and Bitcoin is holding firm above $60,000. The US Dollar index is down huge today, falling 0.44% to 93.39. Lawrence Lepard talks all things Bitcoin and gold at the 2021 New Orleans Investment Conference. Lepard opens his talk with some basic principles and facts: “Sound money allows people to plan.” […]

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Incomes up 3%, Houses up 36% as Inflation Rages

Max and Stacey talk about the latest financial absurdity as it relates to mounting debt in the U.S. From the $1 trillion dollar coin to rampant inflation, their observations are never dull. In the face of too much money printing or inflation, Max Keiser believes each successive Fed Chair going back 30 years has failed […]

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Tesla’s Decline Tempers Retail Investor Sentiment

tesla stock driving the markets lower

Tesla is continuing to decline as investors come to terms it may have been previously grossly overvalued. Greed, debt, and free money remain the dominant factors driving capital into the markets, but Tesla’s decline could temper this trend. Tesla Declines 23% from Highs   The phenomenon of soaring retail participation continues to fuel market sentiment […]

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