Member ‘Teal’ Wins December 2020 Stock Challenge

Member Teal wins December 2020 Stock Challenge

Join us in ringing in the New Year by welcoming the last Stock Challenge Champion of 2020: member ‘Teal’! Despite this being their first contest, Teal finished the month with a blockbuster return of 252.50% thanks to their pick of Bionano Genomics! Well done, Teal — your market foresight has made you the winner of […]

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Member ‘lindi’ Pulls Ahead in December 2020 Stock Challenge

december 2020 week 3 stock challenge cover

Stock Challengers, we have officially crossed the halfway point for this month’s Stock Challenge! And with numerous players tripling their returns since the start of the month, things are beginning to heat up. Today, member ‘lindi’ narrowly overtook first place with a return of 131.72%, pushing ‘SOBARS’ (131.29% return) into second place. Meanwhile, member ‘SoloFF’ (120.33% […]

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The Battle for December’s Gold Coin Narrows

December's Stock Challenge Champion is Crowned!

Today’s message is a friendly reminder that we are crossing the half-way point for this month’s Stock Challenge. Have you checked out your ranking lately? It’s shaping up to be a tight race, given that every competitor in the Top 3 has a triple-digit return! Therapeutics, wellness, and entertainment stocks are leading the Top 20 […]

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Member ‘Djoka’ Leads in December 2020 Stock Challenge

Week 1 of the December 2020 Stock Challenge

The final (and biggest) Stock Challenge of the year has officially kicked off! Member ‘Djoka’ finished the week in first place with a healthy return of 56.94%, followed by member ‘wooloomooloo’ in second (35.09% return) and member ‘quantumx’ in third (34.56% return). Long-time players will recall that wooloomooloo started off strong in 2020 by winning […]

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