Ares Strategic Mining Inc. Completes Fluorspar Mining Inventory, Identifying Over 30 Mining Prospects

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– Ares identifies over 30 mining prospects, for the purposes of short-term and long-term mine and operational planning, over the coming years. – New mining targets were predicted using geological models and then visually confirmed, will help identify even more fluorspar prospects over the coming years. – The recent land acquisition resulted in the control […]

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Ares Strategic Mining Inc. Announces Completion of Successful Delineation Drill Program at the Lost Sheep Mine

Sierra Mountain range in Nevada

Video Presentation of Release Available at ( Link To Video Presentation¬†) Ares doubles plant capacity and output plans based on large fluorspar mineralization discovery on its permitted mining area. Following the successful preliminary delineation drill program, Ares’ accelerates its expansion program and completes 875 meters of reverse circulation drilling in 10 drill holes. New discovery […]

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Ares Strategic Mining Announces the Successful Upgrade of its Fluorspar to the Highest Grades Required by Industry

ares strategic mining lost sheep mine

– Acidspar is sold at a premium in the fluorspar market. – Acidspar composes two-thirds of the US Fluorspar market because of its wide applicability. – Acidspar is anticipated to have much greater profit margins for the Company. – Makes possible greater bulk mining operations. Ares Strategic Mining Ltd. (TSXV:ARS) (“Ares” or the “Company”), is […]

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