Getting Over Beijing

Winning in sports often comes down to a mental contest. Whoever can get into the opponent’s head typically wins. It’s an effective tactic because it distracts the opponent from the two reasons that should propel one to victory: Why am I fighting? And what am I fighting for? It isn’t always a premeditated strategy. Sometimes […]

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No More Mr. Nice Guy

China Threat

Since March of 2020, few countries have suffered a greater toll than the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic. More than half a million Americans (and counting) have succumbed to the disease. And, according to Visual Capitalist, U.S. GDP suffered its worst decline in history during the heart of the pandemic, while debt continues […]

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Canadian Households Have the Worst Debt Levels in the G7

household under water with debt

Fuelled by an increase in demand for mortgages and new car loans, Canadian consumer debt is surging again.  Via BNN Bloomberg, “In its latest quarterly report, Equifax found total consumer debt rose 3.8 per cent to $2.041 trillion in the third-quarter of 2020 compared to the same period last year.” As a result, Canada has […]

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