Outlook On Small and Micro-Cap Stocks in North America | Pinnacle Digest PODCAST

growth stocks under pressure on TSX Venture

Industry veterans Aaron Hoddinott and Alexander Smith of Pinnacle Digest talk about the current state of the TSX Venture, CSE, Russell 2000, and growth stocks in general. With these indices in technical bear markets, the guys give their take on where they think equities may be headed. Speculators at heart, Aaron and Alex share some […]

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GDXJ’s 7-Year High Reflects Growing Momentum for Junior Gold Mining Stocks

investor using newton cradle

Momentum for junior gold mining stocks is building. During an interview with VanEck’s Joe Foster at the 2020 Canadian Mining Symposium on Zoom, Dean McPherson, Head of Business Development at TMX Group, stated, “For the first in a long time we’re seeing equal if not more participation in the junior [mining] space as well in […]

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How Long Does the Average Gold Mining Bull Market Last?

gold mining bull market expands

Gold, gold miners, and parabolic fiat money printing is the topic of Real Vision Finance’s latest interview. The stage of today’s gold mining bull market is revealed along with reasons why institutional money may soon seek out gold miners for safety. Gold ETFs are continuing to perform exceptionally well under our new reality post-COVID-19. Eric […]

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Own Gold Stocks?

Between March 2009 and April 2011, the TSX Venture was the best performing stock exchange in the world, largely due to its heavy weighting towards the mining sector. During this 25 month period, gold rallied and the U.S. dollar fell, causing the value of gold in the ground to soar and junior gold miners to […]

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US Dollar and Gold Rise in Tandem

gold and silver stocks

The world’s most famous precious metal rallied to a 7-year high last week – touching as high as $1,649 per ounce on Friday. At the same time, the US Dollar Index is trading near a 17-year high. Simultaneous strength of the US dollar and gold is a modern day monetary phenomenon. US Dollar Index Soars […]

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