How ‘Big’ is This Discovery?

Sweden may be sitting on massive rare earth mines

The rare earth sector remains one of the most contentious and exciting spaces within mining. Most recently, Sweden, through its state-owned LKAB mining company, reported a new rare earth discovery that received a ton of media attention. The EU imports roughly 99% of its rare earths and desperately needs a domestic mine. Furthermore, rare earths […]

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Geopolitical Forces Sway Canadian Small and Micro Cap Stocks

geopolitical tensions weigh on capital markets

Aaron Hoddinott and Alexander Smith of Pinnacle Digest discuss ongoing weakness in Canada’s small and micro-cap markets. From geopolitical risk to what it takes to be a world superpower, the macro side of things comes into focus. Also, they discuss what the summer may look like for Venture deals, with Aaron dubbing it the “summer […]

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Getting Over Beijing

Winning in sports often comes down to a mental contest. Whoever can get into the opponent’s head typically wins. It’s an effective tactic because it distracts the opponent from the two reasons that should propel one to victory: Why am I fighting? And what am I fighting for? It isn’t always a premeditated strategy. Sometimes […]

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Mining Abroad Is Getting Riskier

The “license to operate” has been – and continues to be – the biggest hurdle for mining and mineral exploration companies across the globe. The political instability of countries sitting on copious amounts of high-grade resources has led to the frustration and/or abrupt cessation of several mining projects. Cumulatively, mining companies have lost billions of […]

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