On The Gold Trail in Colombia


With inflation surging across the West, due in large part to unprecedented money-printing and borrowing in the wake of the pandemic, gold is staying top of mind. The precious metal is hovering between US$1,700 – US$1,800 per ounce and continues to find support. In July, Matthew Fox of Markets Insider reported on Goldman Sachs’ thesis […]

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Gold Miners Have a Big Problem

Many years from now, investors will talk about the bull market for gold miners that began in 2019/2020. They will reminisce about the premiums major miners paid for previously unknown juniors; and how historic stimulus and money printing took the precious metal to all-time highs. Of course, they’ll also talk about who got rich and […]

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How Long Does the Average Gold Mining Bull Market Last?

gold mining bull market expands

Gold, gold miners, and parabolic fiat money printing is the topic of Real Vision Finance’s latest interview. The stage of today’s gold mining bull market is revealed along with reasons why institutional money may soon seek out gold miners for safety. Gold ETFs are continuing to perform exceptionally well under our new reality post-COVID-19. Eric […]

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Is Gold Heading to $10,000 Before We Win WWIII?

negative real interest rates are driving gold prices

Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors, is predicting gold’s rally has just begun. He warns investors that between the Fed and U.S. government, $10 trillion in spending is about to push gold to record high prices. Holmes compares the current pandemic to World War III, but muses negative real interest rates will push gold […]

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M&A Activity Ignites Gold Sector in 2019

With gold miners closing approximately US$30.5 billion in merger and acquisition transactions over the course of this year, 2019 has been the best year for gold sector M&A in nearly a decade. What’s more, M&A in the gold sector shows no sign of slowing down. Even as we approach the Christmas season—a notoriously slow time […]

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