Investors Bet on Fed Pivot as Commodities Explode

commodities surge as US dollar finally falls

Just days after the Fed hiked rates another 75 basis points sending gold and most hard assets lower, metals are on fire. Silver is up nearly 7%, crude oil over 4%, and gold over 3% – a massive move for the metal. Copper was another colossal winner, up over 8% on the day. So, why […]

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Gold Closes Above $2,000 – Pullback in Gold Stocks Overdue?

higher gold prices spark rush into gold equities

Higher gold prices have many gold stocks trading at their highest levels since the beginning of the last decade. David Erfle, a professional mining investor, talks about how to value junior gold stocks. The interview took place on August 3rd, one day before gold rocketed to a record close above $2,000 an ounce. Gold was […]

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TSX Venture Cracks 500 As Gold Holds Above $1,700

a door on top of rubble showing light at the end of the tunnel

When it comes to the Canadian public markets, small and micro-cap stocks are usually the laggards of the bunch — the first to fall and the last to rise. And when junior exchanges like the TSX Venture and the CSE fall, they fall hard. It can take months (and even years) for them to recover […]

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Leverage to a Gold Bull Market

Gold bull preparing to charge

  Gold stocks typically outperform gold during bull markets. One of the main reasons for this is the leverage associated with the ‘in-ground’ gold these mining companies (and even explorers) control. In-ground gold (based on resource estimations or reserves) is essentially the amount of gold a company has defined (via the drill bit) on its […]

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Premiums on Silver Eagles Jump Almost $8 | Selling for $21.86 per Ounce

silver eagles are flying off the shelves at record premiums

Just an hour ago I was quoted $21.86 to buy one ounce Silver Eagle coins – a near $8 premium! People are scrambling to buy what gold and silver is available as central banks unleash trillions in new currency to stave off a depression. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are back to discuss the end […]

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Crashing Oil Demand Provides Silver Lining for Miners

oil demand crashes as the Fed begins to print

Mike Maloney outlines in “Helicopter Drops & Biggest Bailouts in History Are Here” where the markets and precious metals may be heading. With WTI crude trading in the mid-$20s, oil demand is collapsing as transportation grinds to a halt. While the energy sector is reeling amid this massive sell-off, miners and other operators are about […]

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What’s next for gold in 2020?

gold 2020

At first glance, momentum for the price of gold appeared to be carrying over from 2019. After all, we were just one week into 2020 when gold managed to reach a new 7-year high of US$1,613. However, gold is now struggling to break out of the US$1,500s. What’s more, some analysts believe a retracement for […]

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M&A Activity Ignites Gold Sector in 2019

With gold miners closing approximately US$30.5 billion in merger and acquisition transactions over the course of this year, 2019 has been the best year for gold sector M&A in nearly a decade. What’s more, M&A in the gold sector shows no sign of slowing down. Even as we approach the Christmas season—a notoriously slow time […]

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