US Dollar and Gold Rise in Tandem

gold and silver stocks

The world’s most famous precious metal rallied to a 7-year high last week – touching as high as $1,649 per ounce on Friday. At the same time, the US Dollar Index is trading near a 17-year high. Simultaneous strength of the US dollar and gold is a modern day monetary phenomenon. US Dollar Index Soars […]

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The One Asset Trump is Crushing

Everything seems to be going up but the U.S. dollar (with the exception of Friday’s trading). The Dow Jones cleared 22,000, and other US indices broke to new all-time highs this past week. Copper hit fresh 2-year highs, and gold exploded to $1,273.60 an ounce Wednesday. These price movements are because of a falling U.S. […]

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French Presidential Election Update: Le Pen Can Win

le pen wins

Gold is Going Above $1,400 if Le Pen Wins   Gold’s next moon shot could be on the horizon, following a Le Pen victory in France’s Presidential Election this Sunday. Just the way gold surged after Brexit and Trump, so will be the case if Le Pen wins in six days. While Brexit may have […]

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