Inflation Still Running Hot in Canada Above 3%

Inflation in Canada is continuing to run hot, despite falling from a 10-year high in May. The annual inflation rate came in at 3.1% in June, down from May’s blistering rise of 3.6%. Investors and consumers alike need to remember that rising inflation may be the greatest threat facing our economy. Gold was heating up […]

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The Biggest Unapproved Tax Increase in Canadian History?

The pandemic has opened up a pandora’s box of social spending, unlike anything we’ve seen before. In the fiscal year 2020/21, the budget deficit totaled $314.00 billion, up from ‘just’ C$21.77 billion in the previous year. And, with the Liberals poised to win a majority this summer potentially, the future of deficit spending and the […]

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Canada Braces for Higher Inflation as Prices Soar

Canada flirts with highest inflation rate in generations

The foundation of Canada’s economy is based on a few key aspects, two of which are an abundance of natural resources, and an abundance of debt… In the name of the pandemic, governments worldwide are piling on debt at astonishing rates. However, no G20 country is doing it as fast as Canada (per capita). In […]

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