Why Can’t the Fed Fix the Velocity of Money?

With Tesla’s market cap clearing $1 trillion and US stocks hitting fresh record highs, I have proof that the majority of the middle and lower class are largely missing out on the current recovery. The answer is in the ever-declining velocity of money. Money Velocity Continues to Crater Despite Fed’s Best Efforts I’ve personally written […]

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Why Inflation is Good News for the Loonie

loonie stack and canadian flag

The loonie is on fire. And we owe it to one advantage Canada has (for now) over every other country on earth: her commodities. When referring to commodities, we mean reserves of raw materials, such as oil and natural gas, copper, iron ore, lumber, zinc, and gold. In recent months, while several of these commodities […]

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Energy and Inflation: October’s Dynamic Duo

Good news! It’s looking like an unusual October. In contrast to what we’ve seen the last couple of years, the Stock Challenge Index (SCI) looks to be on the rebound this month. Signs of the bounce back were visible from day one, but the Index really took off on Tuesday, Oct. 12th. The vast majority […]

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Incomes up 3%, Houses up 36% as Inflation Rages

Max and Stacey talk about the latest financial absurdity as it relates to mounting debt in the U.S. From the $1 trillion dollar coin to rampant inflation, their observations are never dull. In the face of too much money printing or inflation, Max Keiser believes each successive Fed Chair going back 30 years has failed […]

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The Hedge of Tomorrow

Protection against market turmoil

Mitigating investment risk is a common practice amongst institutional and sophisticated investors globally. To better position themselves in the event of a financial crisis, black swan event, or just a basic correction, investors seek ways to diversify and hedge their investment portfolios. For years, flocking to gold and other precious metals has succeeded in shielding […]

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Is Inflation Really Transitory or Is The Government Just Trapped?

The Federal Reserve

In July, inflation recorded its highest level in nearly two decades, prompting investors to question the Fed’s transitory narrative once again. Investors are now beginning to worry whether the government will begin tapering or raising rates sooner than anticipated. However, despite inflation soaring, government debt is dramatically exceeding record levels, and raising interest rates may […]

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When The Going Gets Expensive

Cost of Living

July’s Canadian inflation rate remains above 3% for the fourth consecutive month, rising to its highest level in over a decade. Take a look at the chart below. In July, Canada’s annual inflation rate quickened to 3.7% – its highest level in over ten years! To boot, the last time inflation rose above 3.7% was […]

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Can Cannabis or Gold Save Canada’s Junior Stock Market in September?

inflation data despite staying elevated is hurting gold

The total volume of shares traded and financing activity on the TSX Venture recorded a steep decline month over month in July 2021. While par for the course in July, many wonder what will bring liquidity back to the table in September. With gold battered on the backs of weak, albeit still 13-year high inflation […]

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The Inflation Sensation Takes Over 2021

gold and silver still not benefiting from inflation

With June inflation numbers crushing estimates, the confident proclamation of recent spikes in inflation being ‘transitory’ is fast becoming a joke. Instead, the monthly increase in the CPI hit a whopping 0.9% (5.4% year over year), the biggest increase since 2008. More shocking is perhaps the core CPI, which advanced 4.5% from June 2020, the […]

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Titan – Latest Alt-Coin to Implode as Mark Cuban Goes Down

alt coin Titan crashes as Mark Cuban loses

Mark Cuban is in the news again, and it isn’t good. The billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks just saw his investment in a new alt-coin virtually vanish. Max Keiser doesn’t mince words, explaining, “The world is full of sharpies, and they’re looking for chumps, like Mark Cuban.” Keiser gets personal, explaining, “And […]

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