The Rally Lives On

mid-month cover

We’re at the halfway point of the month. And the market rally that began in July looks to be full steam ahead so far this August. There is a lot more positivity about this month’s contest than we’ve seen arguably all year. All represented exchanges in this month’s contest are net positive. More than 60% […]

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America’s Saving Rate Points to Recession

Is the American economy weakening or already in recession? Or is the inflation squeeze leaving consumers with little left to save? We know that is true, but it is only part of the story. With the nation’s savings rate crashing to 2008 lows, households may not be saving much because they already have a cushion […]

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Four Factors Pointing To US Recession

many signs are now pointing to a US recession

Global markets are breaking under the immense weight of uncertainty, slowing growth, and runaway inflation. While the central banks may destroy the latter as interest rates rise in most developed countries, it will come at a high cost. After contracting by 1.4% in Q1, a U.S. recession may already be here. Below I outline four […]

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Nowhere to Hide, Venture Drops 8% in 5 Days

recession fears surge as bear market takes hold

The TSX Venture is now firmly in bear market territory and may be teetering on the edge of a larger collapse. Canada’s junior exchange is now down just over 24% from its high of 1,018 in November 2021. The NASDAQ and Russell 2000 are also in bear markets as U.S. indices continue to falter. The […]

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Double-Digit Inflation Arrives?

runaway inflation may have finally arrived

Tomorrow the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the CPI or consumer price index for March. Buckle up. It is going to be a doozy. While top forecasters predict it will top February’s 7.9% inflation print (a 40-year high) – I think it may touch double digits, but will be above 9%. Here is why. […]

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Socialists’ Grip on the Copper Industry

Investors often lose money when they are blindsided by unanticipated trends. When all that is apparent is blue sky and massive profits, something usually goes wrong. For mining investors and producers, this juggernaut is, more often than not, resource nationalism. With the price of copper holding steady near record highs in 2021, blue sky sentiment […]

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TSXV Financings Bounce Back to Almost $900 Million in November

Total financings raised came back with a vengeance in November – more than doubling from October’s total – to finish with $892.6 million, according to TMX Group. While still well below the $1 billion + months earlier in the year, November represents a huge turnaround. Everyone is looking for the next inflation trade and the […]

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Two Reasons the Fed Can’t Raise Interest Rates

The Fed Chair Jerome Powell was re-appointed to another four years of service on Monday. Yet, for some reason, gold and many inflation assets are tanking. Gold was off 1.5% today to $1,782 per ounce, while silver was down a whopping 3.75% to $23.33 per ounce. So why is the man whose policies took inflation […]

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The Inflation Option

Fed building

Inflation remains out of control both in Canada and the United States — forcing many to question whether (and when) our respective central banks will act. And, despite veiled threats and bold statements in the face of the inflation boom, we don’t expect the first rate hike anytime soon. For a moment, look beyond the […]

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Stock Challenge Registers Its Biggest Rally in 8 Months

Another riveting round of Stock Challenge has come to an end. After pulling ahead shortly after our mid-month update, player ‘FlashCMA’ managed to hold on to top spot, despite stiff and constant pressure from both runners-up, closing out the month with an average return of ~77.64%. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you October’s Stock […]

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