Auto Loan Debt Soars as Borrowing Costs Crush Consumers

auto loan defaults are on the rise as debt soars amidst higher interest rates

The days of free money and easy credit are over. And, for many in North America, this means soaring loan servicing costs. But, for Americans who often equate owning a car with freedom, they can’t help themselves. And, now, more than 100 million Americans own a car – but, along with that ‘ownership’ comes $1.5 […]

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Federal Deficit Soars 170% YoY – Higher Interest Payments to Blame

budget deficits continue to soar

The U.S. economy is not in a recession after all. It beat estimates growing at 2.4% in Q2 (April-June). While shocking to some, a glance at the robust labor market tells the story. There are still more jobs available than people willing to work them, and the rising cost of living is forcing many to […]

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10 Million More Americans Enter Poverty Between 2019 and 2021

poverty rate continues to increase in the U.S.

Rising inflation and interest rates are driving millions of Americans, once middle-class citizens, into the chains of poverty. The poverty rate in America and countries worldwide are soaring, and almost no one is talking about it. The signs are all around us: record high food bank usage, climbing foreclosures (lenders started foreclosures on 67,249 U.S. […]

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A Method To The Fed’s Madness

Mad scientist

We know whom inflation hurts the most: the elderly, people on a fixed income, and those living paycheque to paycheque — which in Canada and the US means most of the population. So, who can inflation benefit? Experienced debtors. The richest among us often have mountains of debt. Banks practically beg them to take more […]

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Four Factors Pointing To US Recession

many signs are now pointing to a US recession

Global markets are breaking under the immense weight of uncertainty, slowing growth, and runaway inflation. While the central banks may destroy the latter as interest rates rise in most developed countries, it will come at a high cost. After contracting by 1.4% in Q1, a U.S. recession may already be here. Below I outline four […]

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TSXV Financings Bounce Back to Almost $900 Million in November

Total financings raised came back with a vengeance in November – more than doubling from October’s total – to finish with $892.6 million, according to TMX Group. While still well below the $1 billion + months earlier in the year, November represents a huge turnaround. Everyone is looking for the next inflation trade and the […]

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Two Reasons the Fed Can’t Raise Interest Rates

The Fed Chair Jerome Powell was re-appointed to another four years of service on Monday. Yet, for some reason, gold and many inflation assets are tanking. Gold was off 1.5% today to $1,782 per ounce, while silver was down a whopping 3.75% to $23.33 per ounce. So why is the man whose policies took inflation […]

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Why Can’t the Fed Fix the Velocity of Money?

With Tesla’s market cap clearing $1 trillion and US stocks hitting fresh record highs, I have proof that the majority of the middle and lower class are largely missing out on the current recovery. The answer is in the ever-declining velocity of money. Money Velocity Continues to Crater Despite Fed’s Best Efforts I’ve personally written […]

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Is Inflation Really Transitory or Is The Government Just Trapped?

The Federal Reserve

In July, inflation recorded its highest level in nearly two decades, prompting investors to question the Fed’s transitory narrative once again. Investors are now beginning to worry whether the government will begin tapering or raising rates sooner than anticipated. However, despite inflation soaring, government debt is dramatically exceeding record levels, and raising interest rates may […]

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Titan – Latest Alt-Coin to Implode as Mark Cuban Goes Down

alt coin Titan crashes as Mark Cuban loses

Mark Cuban is in the news again, and it isn’t good. The billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks just saw his investment in a new alt-coin virtually vanish. Max Keiser doesn’t mince words, explaining, “The world is full of sharpies, and they’re looking for chumps, like Mark Cuban.” Keiser gets personal, explaining, “And […]

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