Member ‘wooloomooloo’ Wins January 2021 Stock Challenge

wooloomooloo wins january 2021 stock challenge

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new Stock Challenge Champion in town: member ‘wooloomooloo’! Wooloomooloo (who is also ironically the winner of the January 2020 Stock Challenge) outdid himself this year with a jaw dropping return of 386.48% after picking Naked Brands Group. This victory has catapulted wooloomooloo to the #1 spot on the All Time […]

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Member ‘Phillip Yao’ Pulls Ahead in January 2021 Stock Challenge

cover for week 3 of the january 2021 stock challenge

Stock Challengers are having one heck of a month! Member ‘Phillip Yao’ has taken over first place with an eye-popping return of 249.33%, followed behind by second place member ‘jack86’ (180.70% return) and third place member ‘Stephen Ng’ (165.67% return). Needless to say, these are some monster returns! That said, this contest is far from […]

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Stock Challengers Start New Year With a Bang

January 2021 Mid-Month Update Cover

We are officially at the half-way point for this month’s Stock Challenge… 420 of the 596 Stock Challengers in January’s contest are in positive territory. Judging from the Top 10 standings so far, cryptocurrency companies appear to be this contest’s kingmakers. This is hardly surprising, given that the price of Bitcoin has soared nearly 30% […]

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Member ‘Memary041’ Leads January 2021 Stock Challenge

week 1 january 2021 stock challenge cover

The theme of this month, if it had one, would certainly be cryptocurrency — every contestant in the Top 10 right now has at least one cryptocurrency-related stock in their portfolio! ‘Memary041’ is currently leading in first place with a return of 263.48%, having doubled down on cryptocurrency companies. For context, Memary041’s closest competitor is […]

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