Drilling in Nevada – America’s Pot of Gold

New Placer Dome Gold

As the bull market for gold continues, investors should remain cautiously optimistic as volatility will likely be a constant. For speculators, one potential way to mitigate risk during a positive gold price cycle is to target projects in well-developed gold mining regions. The location, if possible, should have long-established mining laws, a stable government, and […]

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Gold Miners Have a Big Problem

Many years from now, investors will talk about the bull market for gold miners that began in 2019/2020. They will reminisce about the premiums major miners paid for previously unknown juniors; and how historic stimulus and money printing took the precious metal to all-time highs. Of course, they’ll also talk about who got rich and […]

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99% of Financing Dollars on the TSX Venture Went to Resource Companies in June 2020

tidal wave of money

According to news release data aggregated by Pinnacle Digest, resource companies raised approximately C$566 million of the total C$569 million raised on the TSX Venture in June 2020. In other words, resource companies — the vast majority of which were Canadian junior gold explorers — received 99% of the TSX Venture’s financing dollars last month. […]

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