An Interview with EarthRenew CEO, Keith Driver

Keith Driver interview

We introduced our client EarthRenew Inc. (the “Company” or “ERTH” or “EarthRenew”) in June of 2020. On our visit to its operations in Strathmore, Alberta, CEO Keith Driver took us through the benefits of organic fertilizer and the Company’s agenda…  EarthRenew’s mission is to support a farm system that puts healthy soils and grower profitability […]

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EarthRenew Year-End Update

In June of 2020, we introduced our client EarthRenew Inc. (ERTH: CSE), a company in the development phase that transforms livestock waste into high-performance organic fertilizer. EarthRenew’s fertilizer is intended to be used by organic and traditional growers in Canada and the United States. As many consumers continue to focus on eating healthy and organic, […]

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Soil Degradation is a Massive Global Problem

earthrenew targets organic fertilizer market

Agriculture is the engine of society. It has formed the basis of every civilization to date, from Ancient Mesopotamia to the Roman Empire and modern day. Up until roughly 30 years ago, farming was almost entirely focused on output – and for good reason… we needed to (and still do) increase food supply in order […]

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