Will the Lithium Triangle Power the Electric Car Revolution?

lithium triangle facing problems as water dries up

The lithium triangle in South America has long been a global leader in lithium production; however, with groundwater levels dropping, miners are facing pressure. The lithium sector as a whole is in a period of intense change. Rising supply and falling demand in China have lowered lithium prices from above $80,000 per ton to about […]

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Will Lithium Miners Ever Meet Demand?

lithium projects from Nevada to Chile are set to come online in the near future

When profit margins are robust, humans have an uncanny way of doing whatever it takes to capture them. Think offshore oil, or the oil production boom of the 1920s, which took English and American entrepreneurs to the far reaches of the world. Necessity is always the mother of invention. So, as we enter an era […]

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Boy, Did I Learn a Lot in 2022

Aaron Hoddinott's lessons learned from 2022

It’s got to be -100 degrees celsius outside as I sit here in my Calgary office writing this annual letter, reflecting on 2022 and the crazy yet highly educational year it was. The stock market is always changing, but this year stands out for many reasons. They say you learn more from your losses than […]

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EVs Account for 20% of Cars Sold in China as Lithium Prices Soar

Lithium prices are up over 500% over the past 12 months, and the rally seems far from over. Even on a day when most commodities are in the red, lithium is solidly green, up 3% to above $426,500 per ton. For lithium producers, the time to print money has finally arrived. Lithium Carbonate (CNY/T) – […]

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Venture Momentum Continues

Only two weeks into the month and already a few tidbits of intel for the curious investor… The first and most evident takeaway is Lithium. Two of the top three leaders thus far have a lithium stock as one of their two picks. And, all but one of the handful of lithium stocks selected this […]

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Lithium’s Production Problem

Over the last couple of weeks, world leaders gathered in Glasgow to discuss and hold each other to account on global emissions targets. Many pundits contend that progress is still too slow, while others say the cost of numerous initiatives is still too expensive. Although we’re not entirely sure how everything will shake out from […]

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Biden’s Policies Could Mint Millionaires

green metals to fuel renewable energy transformation

After four years of strong economic growth under Trump, investors everywhere are wondering how the Biden Administration will impact their portfolios. While it’s far too early to know for certain, there’s one thing investors can take to the bank: President Biden is not opposed to spending… During Biden’s tenure as Vice President of the United […]

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Biden’s Clean Energy Plan to Fuel Commodity Sector For Years

Biden policy change will result in green energy surging

From rumours that Biden will cancel Keystone XL on his first day in office to making power-plant emissions extinct by 2035, dramatic policy reversal is upon us. Biden’s first two years in office will be nothing like the last four. The left is supercharged following its dramatic victory in Georgia; and, with control of the […]

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