Lackluster Start to December’s Race for Gold

It’s been a low-key month for Stock Challenge, so far. Seven of the top 10 players are reporting average returns under 20%. Counting only the stocks selected for December’s contest, all exchanges represented this month are down – particularly the TSXV and CSE. And, the Stock Challenge Index has spent all of December below sea […]

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Energy and Inflation: October’s Dynamic Duo

Good news! It’s looking like an unusual October. In contrast to what we’ve seen the last couple of years, the Stock Challenge Index (SCI) looks to be on the rebound this month. Signs of the bounce back were visible from day one, but the Index really took off on Tuesday, Oct. 12th. The vast majority […]

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Tech and Uranium Stocks Could be Kingmakers This Month

Here’s the lowdown from the last two weeks… Notice how tight it is at the top… Top 10 Leaderboard So far, about a third of contestants are averaging positive returns. The Stock Challenge Index got off to a decent start, but dipped into the red-zone yesterday and remained stuck there today. Uranium stocks are coming […]

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Meme Stock Frenzy takes over June’s Stock Challenge

June mid-month

We have reached the halfway point of this month’s Stock Challenge! June’s Stock Challenge got off to a scorching hot start right out of the gates, a significant improvement from last month’s midpoint recap where only ~30% were in positive territory. Currently, 249 of the 454 contestants in this month’s Stock Challenge sit in the […]

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Mining Stocks Winning it for Top 10…Except Current Leader

We are already midway through this month’s Stock Challenge! So far, of the 336 Challengers, only 100 are in positive territory. The market has not been very friendly during these first couple of weeks in May — particularly for micro-caps. The Stock Challenge Index itself has spent most of May below sea level but is […]

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Stock Challengers Start New Year With a Bang

January 2021 Mid-Month Update Cover

We are officially at the half-way point for this month’s Stock Challenge… 420 of the 596 Stock Challengers in January’s contest are in positive territory. Judging from the Top 10 standings so far, cryptocurrency companies appear to be this contest’s kingmakers. This is hardly surprising, given that the price of Bitcoin has soared nearly 30% […]

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