Jobless Claims Spike | 6,648,000 Million File for Unemployment

jobless claims surge to nearly 10 million

The more than 3000% increase in jobless claims in the United States has Mike Maloney concerned. Mike is worried about deficit spending in the U.S., noting all of these unemployed people are no longer paying income taxes. “Nothing in human history has ever happened like this.” – Mike Maloney Jobless Claims Explod to Over 6.6 […]

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Bailout Nation – Six Trillion Lies – Markets Soar on QE Infinity

here comes the largest bailout in history

In what is becoming the largest bailout in US history, some investors are not rejoicing. While the markets soar and money rushes in, is anyone asking about the cost and the ability to repay the trillions upon trillions that the Fed and US taxpayers are now comitting to? Furthermore, what damage to the US dollar […]

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Crashing Oil Demand Provides Silver Lining for Miners

oil demand crashes as the Fed begins to print

Mike Maloney outlines in “Helicopter Drops & Biggest Bailouts in History Are Here” where the markets and precious metals may be heading. With WTI crude trading in the mid-$20s, oil demand is collapsing as transportation grinds to a halt. While the energy sector is reeling amid this massive sell-off, miners and other operators are about […]

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Mike Maloney Points to Gold-Silver Ratio

gold-silver ratio still very high

Gold is back in the headlines as investors clamor for cover in what has begun a broad market selloff. Silver’s value was recently less than 1/90th gold’s value. The historically low gold-silver ratio has market veterans Mike Maloney and Ronald-Peter Stoeferle bullish on silver and silver stocks. Mike Maloney explains, “I just can’t justify buying […]

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