Member ‘MIC’ Narrowly Takes the Lead in February 2020 Stock Challenge

cover for week 1 of the February 2020 Stock Challenge

With everyone in the Top 5 having a return between approximately 30 – 34%, this may be one of the tightest starts to Stock Challenge yet. Member ‘MIC’ is currently leading in first place with a return of 34.55%, just barely ahead of members ‘Ron Buss’ and ‘Galato’ (both of whom have a return of […]

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Wooloomooloo Wins January 2020 Stock Challenge

wooloomooloo is the January 2020 Stock Challenge Champion

Stock Challengers, join us in welcoming our newest Stock Challenge Champion (and the first Champ of 2020): member ‘wooloomooloo’! Wooloomooloo finished the month with a return of 126.54% — nearly double the returns of second place member ‘zeek’ (74.97%) and third place member ‘bob parker’ (71.65%).   With over 200 members in this month’s contest, […]

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