Why the US IPO Market in 2022 Should Scare You

Are you looking for proof that not only valuations but liquidity is vanishing from the market? Proof that almost all of us are sitting on cash, petrified to deploy it? Well, this morning, more evidence points to widespread fear across North American stock markets. And, we need to look no further than the US IPO […]

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The Rally Lives On

mid-month cover

We’re at the halfway point of the month. And the market rally that began in July looks to be full steam ahead so far this August. There is a lot more positivity about this month’s contest than we’ve seen arguably all year. All represented exchanges in this month’s contest are net positive. More than 60% […]

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Back in Triple Digits

The time has come to wrap up another invigorating round of Stock Challenge! In a month that looked destined for the dumps, the equity markets have performed well beyond expectation this July. We’ll get into the details momentarily but first, let’s give it up for our champion… Off the back of a stunning 217.94% return […]

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A Record Breaking Month for Stock Challenge

There’s really no other way to put it. The markets have been ruthless this April; the numbers don’t lie. But first, the most important number of the month: The #1 player for April 2022… Selecting two index tracking ETFs, member ‘beata3550’ claimed top spot in April’s contest with a 40.68% return! beata3550’s bold bet on […]

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Tesla’s Decline Tempers Retail Investor Sentiment

tesla stock driving the markets lower

Tesla is continuing to decline as investors come to terms it may have been previously grossly overvalued. Greed, debt, and free money remain the dominant factors driving capital into the markets, but Tesla’s decline could temper this trend. Tesla Declines 23% from Highs   The phenomenon of soaring retail participation continues to fuel market sentiment […]

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An Unintended Consequence of the Junior Gold Boom

man tipping over dominos

It’s clearer than ever before that gold moves the TSX Venture. Fueled by gold’s rise, the TSX Venture – which is home to over 900 mining/exploration companies, the vast majority of which are junior gold miners – soared from a March low of 338.80 to a high of 761.84 this month, marking a gain of […]

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