You Need to Learn About This Technology

Arguably the biggest challenge facing the renewable energy industry today is storage… However, over the last decade, the cost of renewable power generation has dropped tremendously, especially when compared with fossil fuel energy costs. Take a look at the curves below: Notice the astonishing descent in the cost of solar panels. Per the chart above, […]

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The Rising Star of the New Economy

solar energy sector to boom in the 2020s

Staying ahead of inflation makes the search for yield more complicated than it should be. In August, the annual inflation rate in Canada jumped to 4.1% — the highest the country has seen since March of 2003. That said, strategically navigating an ongoing crisis economy to identify lasting trends can be a source of significant […]

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Oil Majors Turning to Renewables

turning tides

With widespread green/ESG investing, oil giants are starting to reinvent themselves. As they prepare for life after fossil fuels, many oil majors are now evolving into “energy transition companies” – making sizable annual investments in renewables as they begin their shift away from hydrocarbons. No doubt, the new influx of capital from Big Oil has […]

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