‘Rose’ Leads May 2020 Stock Challenge At Halfway Point

Week 2 of the May 2020 Stock Challenge

With a return of 92.83%, member ‘Rose’ is the latest contestant to lead the May 2020 Stock Challenge! Rose’s closest competitors, members ‘kzlarson7’ and ‘mountainpose1’, are also having strong performances this month, clocking in returns of 75.40% and 61.82%, respectively. Overall, Stock Challengers are having a relatively good month so far; approximately 61% of contestants […]

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Member ‘Brice’ Leads May 2020 Stock Challenge

week 1 of the may 2020 stock challenge

Member ‘Brice’ (our June 2019 Stock Challenge Champion) is currently leading the May 2020 Stock Challenge with a return of 47.94%! His victory, however, is far from sealed — members ‘saiyamas’ and ‘Sailfish1’ are currently hot on his heels with returns of 44.52% and 43.18%, respectively. The next week’s Top 3 could look much different […]

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