Member ‘Barry Pynn’ Wins September 2020 Stock Challenge

Barry Pynn wins the September 2020 Stock Challenge

A new Stock Challenge Champion walks among us… member ‘Barry Pynn!’ Barry Pynn selected Regulus Resources and Kodiak Copper to achieve a stunning return of 237.23% this month, followed closely by second place member ‘traderguy’ (230.95% return) and third place member ‘firefly’ (80.08% return). If you’ve been following Stock Challenge this month, then you know […]

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Stock Challengers Rebound After Slow Start in September 2020

wooden blocks stacked half way

We just passed the half-way point for this month’s Stock Challenge… 136 of the 302 (45%) Stock Challengers for September are in positive territory. Much like in July and August, technology and gold stocks are dominating the leaderboard. The most noticeable gain has been in Kodiak Copper Corp., which has risen approximately 361% for the month […]

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Member ‘traderguy’ Takes Over August 2020 Stock Challenge

Cover for Week 1 of the September 2020 Stock Challenge

Let the games begin! Member ‘traderguy’ is leading this month’s Stock Challenge with a return of 103.27%, followed closely behind by second place member ‘Barry Pynn’ (98.06% return) and third place member ‘Atlevan’ (37.43% return). The returns of traderguy and Barry Pynn are pretty phenomenal, considering that most of the Top 10 has returns in the […]

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