Can Low Silver Prices Boost Canadian Production?

The world has re-entered a supply deficit in silver at a time when production is declining in Canada. Production of silver has declined rapidly since 2013. In the two years between 2013 and 2015, Canada went from producing roughly 640 metric tons of silver to 371 m/t of the precious metal. Canada’s Silver Production in […]

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Gold Equities Soar as TSXV and CSE Rebound

gold equities rise

Gold and marijuana stocks went ballistic Friday. With the curve flattening in most countries and unimaginable monetary stimulus and government support, equities and confidence is stabilizing. The largest benefactor to date is gold and gold equities, which are in an indisputable bull market with both trading at multi-year highs. While I will go into more […]

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Mike Maloney Points to Gold-Silver Ratio

gold-silver ratio still very high

Gold is back in the headlines as investors clamor for cover in what has begun a broad market selloff. Silver’s value was recently less than 1/90th gold’s value. The historically low gold-silver ratio has market veterans Mike Maloney and Ronald-Peter Stoeferle bullish on silver and silver stocks. Mike Maloney explains, “I just can’t justify buying […]

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