Nat Gas Shines as Market Corrects

NGL Energy Parterns Benefits from higher nat gas prices

As freezing weather gripped parts of the United States this month, oil and gas wells were taken offline, sending natural gas prices to a 1-month high. For one lucky member, this meant Stock Challenge victory… and silver bullion. It was all smiles for member ‘FREDERICK w HACKENBURG,’ whose selection of NGL Energy Partners delivered a […]

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Member ‘Rainendown’ Wins July 2020 Stock Challenge

Rainendown wins the July 2020 Stock Challenge

And with that, the July 2020 Stock Challenge has come to a close! Congratulations to our newest Stock Challenge Champion, member ‘Rainendown’. Rainendown took home first place this month with a record-breaking return of 356.13%, catapulting him to the top of the All-time Stock Challenge Champs leaderboard. While it’s clear he blew most of this […]

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Member ‘heyjude’ Leads July 2020 Stock Challenge

Week 1 of the July 2020 Stock Challenge

Welcome back to another contest, Stock Challengers! The July 2020 Stock Challenge appears to be off to a great start; member ‘heyjude’ is leading in first place with a return of 92.13%, followed behind by member ‘firefly’ in second (74.94%) and member ‘Rainendown’ in third (65.63%). While every contestant in the Top 5 right now […]

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