Commodities Leading the Charge…yet again

mid-month cover

After a brutal January, it looks like the market is starting to show some love to investors this month. Only once so far this month has the Stock Challenge Index (SCI) ventured below zero (and just marginally). Additionally, save for the NYSE, all the exchanges represented in February’s contest are averaging positive returns. The Stock […]

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Member ‘Allan Riedlinger’ Takes Lead in November 2020 Stock Challenge

cover for november 2020 stock challenge

We just passed the half-way point for this month’s Stock Challenge, and the contest is beginning to tighten… Member ‘allan riedlinger’ has officially moved into first place with a return of 88.13%, overtaking member ‘mjluke’ who now sits in second place (73.65% return) and member ‘Matthew Simons’ (55.79% return). 144 of the 414 (~35%) Stock […]

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