TSX Venture Valuations Top $100 Billion – Up 99% YoY from 2020

Valuations on TSX Venture top $100 billion

While the summer doldrums have market liquidity moving lower, investors are still writing checks. Total financings raised on the TSX Venture in June managed to eclipse $1 billion bucking May’s decline. Significant as a sentiment gauge, this keeps the average monthly total of financings raised above $1 billion for the year. So far, in 2021, […]

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TSX Venture Flirts with 1k as Financing Activity Soars

venture capital is drying up in Canada

After getting smoked in early March, losing about 10% in four trading days, the TSX Venture is crawling back. The exchange poked its head above 1,000 before settling at 994 Monday. What’s more, the exchange has traded into the green in 9 of the past 11 trading sessions. A quick glance at financing activity in […]

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TSX Venture Could Reach New 5-Year High in 2021

rollercoaster graph

The TSX Venture Index touched a high of 790.63 today, marking a new 1-year high for the exchange. Now, the Venture is within striking distance of the 5-year high of 895.71 it hit in January 2018. While the index still has plenty of ground to cover before it surpasses its 5-year high, near-term catalysts in […]

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TSX Venture Financings Top $1 Billion in August

Despite Covid-19 and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, money is flowing into TSX Venture financings at a historic rate. Total TSX Venture Financings top $1 billion in August Capital flowing into the mining space is approaching historic levels as gold maintains its price above $1,900 per ounce, and investors pile into speculative […]

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TSX Venture Financings Increase 136% from April to May

junior gold sector leads to surge in financings on TSX Venture

According to the TMX Group, total financings raised on the TSX Venture increased from $143,978,370 in April 2020 to $339,521,302 in May 2020 – representing an increase of 135.9%. For the TSX Venture, there is no bull market, like a gold bull market. The reason behind the robust financing numbers is due to renewed positive […]

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