Can Cannabis or Gold Save Canada’s Junior Stock Market in September?

inflation data despite staying elevated is hurting gold

The total volume of shares traded and financing activity on the TSX Venture recorded a steep decline month over month in July 2021. While par for the course in July, many wonder what will bring liquidity back to the table in September. With gold battered on the backs of weak, albeit still 13-year high inflation […]

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TSX Venture Valuations Top $100 Billion – Up 99% YoY from 2020

Valuations on TSX Venture top $100 billion

While the summer doldrums have market liquidity moving lower, investors are still writing checks. Total financings raised on the TSX Venture in June managed to eclipse $1 billion bucking May’s decline. Significant as a sentiment gauge, this keeps the average monthly total of financings raised above $1 billion for the year. So far, in 2021, […]

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Ultimate Guide To Investing in Junior Gold Stocks

The Ultimate Guide to investing in Junior Gold Stocks

For well over a century, gold stocks have been one of the most popular investment assets among speculators in Canada. However, investing in gold stocks, particularly junior gold stocks, is not for the faint of heart. Extreme volatility is the norm, particularly among junior or small and micro-cap gold companies. An important fact that’s sometimes […]

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Daily Value of TSX Venture Trading Up MASSIVE – from $55 Million in 2020 to $248 Million in 2021 YTD

trading picks up on the TSX Venture in May

Despite May typically being a weaker month for the TSX Venture, trading statistics point to bullish activity. After falling to almost 900 in mid-May, the TSX Venture is rebounding – up huge in the past few weeks. Record metals prices and rising gold and silver prices are underscoring the move as investors rush back into […]

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Tidal Wave of Investment Dollars Hit TSX Venture

The TSX Venture is enjoying historic capital inflows by way of private placements or financing activity. While the bloom of January highs has come off, the TSX Venture rose as it were, the amount of money flowing into small and micro-cap stocks is genuinely astonishing. According to the TMX, total financings in March of 2021 […]

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2021 Could Be a Blockbuster Year for Canadian Stocks

toronto skyline sunrise

2021 is poised to be a stellar year for the Canadian economy, and, by extent, the TSX and TSX Venture. According to Bloomberg, “Gross domestic product grew 0.7% in January, Statistics Canada reported Wednesday . . . A preliminary estimate for February shows the country kept the momentum going with output expanding 0.5%, the 10th-straight […]

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TSX Venture Flirts with 1k as Financing Activity Soars

February financing activity jumped up on the TSXV

After getting smoked in early March, losing about 10% in four trading days, the TSX Venture is crawling back. The exchange poked its head above 1,000 before settling at 994 Monday. What’s more, the exchange has traded into the green in 9 of the past 11 trading sessions. A quick glance at financing activity in […]

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Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Companies Outperform on the TSX Venture

Bitcoin symbol superimposed on charts

Blockchain/cryptocurrency companies on the TSX Venture are performing exceptionally well this year. According to data from the TMX Group, there were 16 blockchain/cryptocurrency companies listed on the TSX Venture in November 2020. This year, the average YTD return for these issuers is 162% — huge gains for such a small cohort of the Venture! And with […]

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TSX Venture Has White-Hot Start to the Year

white hot forge

The TSX Venture is having one of its best starts to the year yet, both in terms of average market capitalization and financing activity. Long-time readers will remember our research on seasonality factors that influence the TSX Venture. In a December 2020 article titled, “The Best Time to Buy the TSX Venture is Here,” we […]

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2021 Could Be the Year of the Small-Cap

stock exchange screen

2021 may turn out to be the “Year of the Small-Cap” if this month is any indication. We’re a little over two weeks into the year, and the Russell 2000 Index is up 8.93% while the TSX Venture Index and the CSE Composite Index are up 6.41% and 19.46%, respectively. Suffice to say, this is […]

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