Member ‘Scoby13’ Wins March 2020 Stock Challenge

scoby13 is the march 2020 stock challenge champion

At last, one of the most volatile contests in Stock Challenge history has come to an end… While it was a close battle between members ‘Scoby13’ and ‘Joe Knows’, Scoby13 managed to power through and finish in first place with a return of 89.15%! Well done Scoby13; few Stock Challengers managed to achieve returns of […]

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Member ‘mike’ Wins February 2020 Stock Challenge

mike is the february 2020 stock challenge champion

After a gruelling final week, the February 2020 Stock Challenge has come to an end. Despite widespread carnage in the global markets, our newest Stock Challenge Champion, member ‘mike,’ emerged unscathed with an impressive return of 80.87%! In runner up, we have member ‘Wreak Havoc’ in second place with a return of 60.92% and member […]

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Member ‘Makito’ Moves Ahead in February 2020 Stock Challenge

Stock Challenge for Week 4 of the February 2020 Stock Challenge

To start off the last week of this month’s Stock Challenge, member ‘Makito’ is in first place with a return of 77.68%, member ‘orcaray’ is in second place (50.12%), and member ‘Wreak Havoc’ is in third place (45.25%). While Makito doesn’t seem like he has much to worry about, orcaray and Wreak Havoc aren’t so […]

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