America No Longer The Future?

US Dollar may face currency crisis in the coming years

For the first time in our lives, U.S. hegemony is truly on the brink… Gold, oil, and silver have recently surged in value as China, and its growing list of allies, disrupt the world order. The U.S. dollar and Americans’ standard of living may become the ultimate victims if the BRICS successfully launch their own […]

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Larry Summers: Worst Inflation Risk in 40 Years

inflation risk is rising as the Fed continues to blow bubbles

For years governments and central banks have employed quantitive easing or stimulus to inflate assets and calm nervous investors. It appears that record-low interest rates are finally spurring real inflation, at least in real estate, stocks, and other assets. As the printing presses roll, almost everyone believes inflation risk is real and forthcoming. Larry Summers […]

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