IPO Financing Activity Down 93% Year-to-Date

venture markets continue to decline

As the dog days of summer roll on, we should remember the significance of the current downturn. While venture markets are speculative, risk assets by definition, the boom-bust nature of the exchange has become somewhat pronounced in recent quarters. I look at three specific metrics that give me a quick heat check of the performance […]

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Venture Capital Funding Drops 52% in Q3, 2022 Year over Year

venture capital funding continues to decline rapidly

After the unbridled exuberance of 2021, which saw the crypto sphere top $3 trillion in total valuation and record VC activity (+$200 billion), money is suddenly hard to come by. Moreover, today inflation and economic weakness are destroying balance sheets and investors’ psyches. So after the biggest year ever (2021), venture capital funding is in […]

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Financing and Liquidity Crisis Hit Venture Capital Markets

venture capital is drying up in Canada

Venture capital is a tough racket. When liquidity dries up, valuations plummet, investors panic, and small and micro-cap stocks can go to zero. Moreover, they are often the first asset class to fall in a recession as investors shun their inherent risk. One look at the amount of capital raised on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange, […]

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Venture Capital Financings Implode on TSX Venture ($300 Million in July)

venture capital financings fall dramatically on TSX Venture

The TSX Venture Composite, Canada’s leading small-cap index, is witnessing a collapse in investment. Total financings came in at just $301 million in July. While this is a seasonally weak period, venture capital raised in July 2021 hit $725 million. What’s more astounding is the nearly 50% collapse in financing activity from last month when […]

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