Member ‘Memary041’ Leads January 2021 Stock Challenge

week 1 january 2021 stock challenge cover

The theme of this month, if it had one, would certainly be cryptocurrency — every contestant in the Top 10 right now has at least one cryptocurrency-related stock in their portfolio! ‘Memary041’ is currently leading in first place with a return of 263.48%, having doubled down on cryptocurrency companies. For context, Memary041’s closest competitor is […]

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‘thomas woodman’ Overtakes ‘FlashCMA’ in October 2020 Stock Challenge

Week 2 of the October 2020 Stock Challenge

Well, folks, that concludes the second week of the October 2020 Stock Challenge! Member ‘FlashCMA’ (71.15% return), a leading contestant for much of this month’s challenge, has finally been overtaken by member ‘thomas woodman’ (74.21% return). Not much further behind is third place member ‘MIC’ (69.64% return). Considering how tight the race is between these […]

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