Member ‘Allan Riedlinger’ Takes Lead in November 2020 Stock Challenge

cover for november 2020 stock challenge

We just passed the half-way point for this month’s Stock Challenge, and the contest is beginning to tighten… Member ‘allan riedlinger’ has officially moved into first place with a return of 88.13%, overtaking member ‘mjluke’ who now sits in second place (73.65% return) and member ‘Matthew Simons’ (55.79% return). 144 of the 414 (~35%) Stock […]

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Member ‘Rainendown’ Pushes Forward in July 2020 Stock Challenge

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like member ‘heyjude‘ has officially been dethroned by member ‘Rainendown’… This week, Rainendown surged ahead of the competition to claim the first-place spot with a return of 171.75%. Everyone in the Top 3 right now has Sona Nanotech in their portfolio — not surprising considering that its stock price has […]

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