A Canadian financial newsletter author wrote this about Pinnacle Digest in 2012:

I was trying to summarize all the features Pinnacle Digest provides to its members, but I kept coming up short or too long in trying to do that. There is simply too much to say about them in a summary. I recommend you read the following description for Pinnacle Digest, reproduced below from their website. All the features you will read about are completely free to you, when you sign up for your complimentary Membership at www.pinnacledigest.com. I became a member years ago and have reaped several profitable trades from doing so!

Sincerely yours, 



Stocks and Speculations, Brian Fagan, Editor/Publisher

From a subscriber in 2014 after our client and Pinnacle Featured Company more than doubled in value from our introduction:

This is just a comment on how a site like Pinnacle helps even small-time investors like myself. Way back in the Spring of 2012, Clean Seed Capital was featured, as a stock to watch. With the production of its No-Till planting system underway, low float, and being heavily owned by insiders, this company intrigued me. Though not heavily traded, I was able to take a position in the mid .20’s. Ive held the stock ever since. With the word getting out now about its technology, the future for Clean Seed seems like it’s just getting started.

If only it was one of my picks for the February Challenge.

Thanks to the team at Pinnacle.



After reading Pinnacle Digest’s Ebook on small-cap buyout opportunities, a subscriber wrote us in 2016:

Just finished your book and it is about as exciting as the Vancouver phone directory unless you happen to be interested in investing in small cap miners, then it is fabulous.

A tremendous research job and an absolute must for investing in small caps.

Since management is the core of a company, it is very important to your success to know who is driving the train and how they have done in the past.

This very excellent book collects years of information into a half day read and a necessary reference book to help guide your investing.

Don’t go out without it.

Thanks for this excellent book, I even like the price.


A subscriber commented on PInnacle Digest’s editorials and community engagement in 2010: 

Aaron – Thanks for the stats.  I love it when people give their opinions and then back these up with facts and evidence… 

This has been a great dialogue.  In the UK where I came from, one only gets high quality chats like this in a country pub – after a few rounds that is. 




A subscriber wrote this in 2010 about Pinnacle Digest’s investor community and commentary:

…In my experience Pinnacle has been populated by folks who want to pass around information that will be useful to other investors and devoid of the senseless pumping and nonsensical posts so common on other boards. 

Best wishes, 



From a subscriber in 2016 regarding Pinnacle Digest’s weekly email newsletter:

Success in investing is directly proportional to the work you are willing to put in. Your publications and letter make the job easier.

Keep up the good work, thanks Bob…

In 2016, a subscriber wrote about the investor community at Pinnacle Digest:

Thanks to All here, great idea generators!!

Hi All,

Quick introduction!

I am an expat Canadian living in Thailand.

Oil industry downturn has left me happily unemployed for the last 6 months, I needed a break!!

So what to do? get into some stocks and play! Really enjoying it with some gains, losses. Better odds than the casino and I get to learn as I go along.

I signed up with a penny stock site and went to work, I then found the stock challenge here and lurked!!

By following the members picks and then doing some reasonable diligence?? Invest. It keeps me busy and out of the bars while still leaving plenty of time for golf.

So I made a few thousand and would specifically like to thank Frank for the NNO and Gene News, Dougal FCU, Dave JrJR, and I can’t remember the member who posted UBR, got high hopes for that one!!

Does anyone know of the same type of contests and forums for the US markets? This is a great idea generator with long time members. Better investigating and doing my picks here than with the penny stock sites.

Just had to say thanks to all enjoy your spring and looking forward to more lurking!!:)






A reader’s take from 2018 on the quality of Pinnacle Digest’s newsletter:

I wish to take an opportunity to thank your service. I have subscribed to multiple stock market/business/political issues over the last 15 years. I have subscribed to yours since 2010. At 51 years of age and in stocks since 18 years of age. This regular subscription I receive from you is by far the best FREE service I believe exists today and for some time. The amount of information along with detail is unmatched. Please continue to keep people informed as you always do… Again thank you very much 



In 2016, a subscriber wrote this about Pinnacle Digest’s daily reporting:

I would like to thank the entire pinnacledigest staff for being so generous and posting the encouraging write-ups not only June 30th but also throughout the entire month of June.

Thank you so much






A subscriber’s response in 2016 to Pinnacle Digest’s service:

Once again Nothing but a class act Aaron [Managing Director and columnist for Pinnacle].  Thank you very much.  Unexpected… Good to see there are still some QUALITY people out there.  Keep up the great work.  Have a nice day!





A reader’s message about a client and featured company report from Pinnacle Digest in 2018:

Thanks Pinnacle for your most interesting articles. I turned a good profit on the The Alkaline Water Company Inc.(WTER.V), after reading your informative report.